Doughnut Plant: Tres Leches

Doughnut Plant and Lavazza has become a weekly Sunday habit.  I’ve been running through the seasonal flavors: pumpkin (yeast and cake), chestnut yeast, apple cinnamon…I decided to try one of their standards.  Tres Leches.  And it was a little bit of delightful.  Nice sweat creamy cake with a ring of cream on the inside.  And a perfect match for my Lavazza coffee.  What do they do to the coffee?

I was reading a piece on coffee in the New Yorker and have had the pour over drip twice now.  I still need to hit the clover machine at Cafe Grumpy.

So, here’s to a doughnut before Thanksgiving.  I’m trying to go carbs free until Thursday, so I can overindulge on stuffing and mashed potatoes like a good American.

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