Lauduree: Success!

We attempted to purchase macaroons from Lauduree back in September.  The line was just too long, I wasn’t willing to wait half an hour for a macaroon.  Anita and I tried again, but were thwarted by rain so went nearby to Macaroon Cafe, right around the corner from the office.

Finally, it was time to try Lauduree again.  No line outside the story and only a short line inside.  Success!

They don’t like pictures inside, but if they don’t see you, it’s okay.  Since I was here, I had to get four:  Cassis, Black Forest, Pistachio and Cinnamon Raisin.  I ate the Black Forest on the spot.  Flavors were delicious, but it didn’t have the crunch that some of the others have.

I brought three home to try with M.  They barely made the trip in the little paper bag.  As you can see, there was some mingling of crumbs.  I think the pistachio flavor is a good test of a macaroon, you can really do a good comparison that way.  And this one was delicious.  At $2.70 each, it’s a bit of an indulgence.  Though I watched someone get 4 boxes and well over $100 on them.  If you go that route, they are very well packaged.

The tasting isn’t done.  We still have Maison du Chocolat nearby, then we’ll have to go further from the office to hit Francois Payard and bisous.ciao.

Maison Lauduree:  864 Madison Avenue (@ 71st Street)

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