Best Lunch of the Week: Arepas Cafe

Lunch Location:  Arepas Cafe in Queens

I missed the Friday my team went to Queens for lunch.  All I heard was the report out.  “It was so good, I had to get another one” and “Jill, you’ll definitely be able to eat two”.  Even little Anyesha ate two.  So I was game for the return trip last Friday.  Nick promised me it would be good.  I told him that as long as it had that green sauce, I’d be good no matter what.

I first discovered arepas at a little place in Norwalk, CT.  I know it as Venezuelan Beach Food, but that’s not the real name (that was the tag line under the real name).  I prefer the arepa to the empanada, there is something about that crisp corn pocket.

And it was delicious.  The arepas were light, the fillings tasty and the sauce the icing on the cake.  With a starter of plantains, yummm.  Granted, we were definitely on Venezuelan time, no need to rush and get lunch over in 20 minutes.  But we were bonding after all, team building.  Over arepas.

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