Pumpkin: Macaroon

I love October because I think it gives me a license to eat all things pumpkin.  Cookies, candy, drinks, muffins, bread.  Anything.  So lets get started with the pumpkin items!

I just started out on my pumpkin eating adventure today.  I was supposed to make Attempt #2 to Lauderee for the macaroons today (look back at Attempt #1 in September).  But the threat of rain stopped AK and me in our tracks, and we just walked a few streets to Macaroon Cafe. 

So cute!  I mean, I’ve been here before for lunch.  But was reminded how cute it is.  And they had pumpkin macaroons.  So of course I had to get one.  Just the right cookie and amount of filling.  Not too sticky or gummy.  So doubly delightful treat today:  pumpkin AND the start of our official macaroon tasting adventure (not that I wasn’t already on one, I will always eat one given the opportunity.  

What I’m really waiting for is the pumpkin donut at Doughnut Plant.  Please make one for me.

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