Caramel: herbin’ spoonful

More caramel sauce.  What’s wrong with that?  I picked up this litte jar at the Hester Street Fair earlier this summer.  After sampling a few flavors, I picked up the Chai right from the the owners of the business.  They use the same basic ingredients in all of their caramel:  organic cane sugar, organic cream and butter.  Herbs and spices come next.  And it’s made with love in Brooklyn.

It was tasty, especially warmed and over ice cream with Morello cherries.  My favorite way to eat caramel sauce these days.  I’m a huge fan of the Fleur de Sel from TJ’s, but this was a nice change.  It was a little spicy.

Check out their site:  Herbin’ Spoonful  and catch them at the Hester Street Fair.

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