Last Bike Ride of the Season: MS Bike Tour

At the finish, with about 6 Pure bars I picked up along the way

I had big plans to do the 50 mile ride this week, I felt up to it.  And then I was cold at the start and realized I had a bunch of things I needed to do before I head out to CT this afternoon.  So 30 miles it was, but a fast 30 miles around the perimeter of Manhattan and I finished in about 1:45.  The FDR and West Side Highway were shut down for us, and I was focused on pushing hard for a good time.

Inwood Park, near Columbia

Again, no rain this week!  Next year, mental note to remember the long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve one.   Now that I’ve done the two 30 mile rides with ease, ready to tackle something longer.   Next year.  I’m tired of the bike leaning against the wall near the door so want to take the tire off and store it under the counter for the winter.  The issues of a tiny NY apartment.

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