Free Foodie Things, Back at Gansevoort Plaza

It’s the NY Food & Wine Festival this weekend.  We didn’t plan ahead for any events I don’t have E here to try wines (especially those at the $10 price point for a certain retailer).  So, we checked the schedule and opted for a few random pop ups to stop into on our way to lunch.  

First we stopped at the new Dream Hotel.  It’s right behind the Maritime Hotel, is a new hot spot for celebs, and pretty nice inside.  The pool is above the lobby ceiling, so you can see through the glass holes into the pool.  We are definitely coming back here for a drink just to enjoy the space more.  I’m not sure you’ll catch me hanging out at Ph-D, though.

Then we moved on to a discussion with old and new chefs.  I recognized Daniel Boulud immediately, so we sat for an hour and listened as they discussed the restaurant business.  This was in the same plaza as the Singapore Takeout I reported on 2 weeks ago.  It’s always a go to for something new and interesting.  A nice space in the middle of the meatpacking.  You never know what might pop up here, especially in the fall.

Last was a stop back at the Dream Hotel on our way to the Greenmarket, and post lunch at Bill’s Burger Bar.  Arianna is definitely all over the place these days.  I sampled a blueberry beet smoothy, watched yoga in the event space (too full from burgers to participate) and heard all about this guy’s artisan bottled tea.

We were supposed to go to the Bronx Zoo with our Google Offers (have I mentioned they have some really good deals for some of our favorite NY places?), but with the threat of rain, we postponed that venture.  But we will make it, M. really wants to see the red pandas!

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