Epicerie Boulud: A French Treat for the Afternoon

We were on our way to Moneyball and needed something sweet after lunch.  So we passed by Epicerie Boulud, Daniel Boulud’s patisserie on the Upper West Side.  M had the Blueberry Financier, a small cake that was super moist.  I tried, so I know.  I had the Chamonix, named after the French town.  It’s a small, glazed cake with fruit in it.  Very tasty.  I loved the idea that you could get a little treat and take it to the standing bar. There were a few standing tables inside, and a few more outside (where you can also sit for service).  I’m not sure the standing bar works well everywhere, but love it when I find one in New York.

I do love my chocolate desserts, but the tarts looked amazing.  Will definitely have to come back again.  And I’d love to try one of his 12 other restaurants, including the Michelin 3-star Daniel.  I’ll warm up with one of the sanwiches here first.

Website:  http://www.danielnyc.com/epicerie.html
Location:  1900 Broadway at 64th Street

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