Cupcakes, Three in One Day

This past weekend was my Shop for Success event, where the YES! organization hosted a shopping experience (with nails and makeovers) to benefit Dress for Success.  As part of this, I was tasked with organizing the pick up of cupcakes.  So I had 3 kinds in 1 day.  

Ok, so we actually picked up Tonnie’s minis on Friday.  But I tried it on Saturday.  Tonnie’s is bit of a “design your own” cupcake kind of place on 122nd street and Lenox Ave.  A bit of a field trip for A and me.  I had to leave her in the car so I didn’t get towed, but told her not to die as I left her with the windows up because I couldn’t figure out how to turn the car back on to get the windows down.  This is what you get for the non-driver who picks a different zipcar every time (this time it was the red Prius).  Anyways, at Tonnie’s, you pick a cupcake, add a frosting and some toppings.  The place was hopping at 3 pm. We picked up a generous donation of 250 mini cupcakes and headed back to midtown.

Then there was our good old friend, Magnolia Bakery, who donated a few dozen.  This time I sent one of my volunteers to make the pick up.  These were really tasty.  I think the minis are better than the full size.  Moist cake and the right amount of frosting.

Finally, there were Fanny Cakes that were individually boxed.  I am assuming they have some sort of shelf life of more than a day.  Cute, not as tasty, though.  Cake was a little dry and the frosting was not frosting like I like it.  

Lots of cake, that’s for sure.  What I really want is a nice Carrot Cake Cupcake with cream cheese frosting….mmm…

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