Singapore Takeout: The Meatpacking Version

M read about the Singapore Takeout this past week.  I ran into a colleague this weekend and she said she was heading as sell.  So we walked through to check it out, since it’s really not that far away.  It was a pop-up in Gansevort Plaza in the Meatpacking, serving traditional Singapore food.

I had the Laksa, a coconut curry based dish.  M had the Buah Keluak, or the beef ribs.  With a little seating, some waters and a beautiful fall day, we were happy campers.  And did I mention this was a free event?  Granted, I did hear about Singapore with a video in the background.  But it was really good, lots of spice and taste.

The area they made the food in was a converted shipping container.  So, pretty cool.  A nice little Sunday lunch activity before we moved on to Soho for some browsing. Where I attempted to find jeans, but gave up and decided I needed to focus another day.  I’ve given Gap and Joe’s a try.  Next up is Madewell and Paige.  Why is it so darn difficult?

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