Book Club: Established Oct 2007

Book Club.  Wine Drinking Club.  Catching Up Club.  Life Event Club. I think it’s become all of these.  Since October 2007,  we’ve been meeting and drinking, through break ups, new jobs, weddings and babies.  I was invited by a colleague and friend, who went to undergrad at UVA and then Wharton with a bunch of Wharton ladies.  And that’s how I found my way in.

We eat, we drink.  Laura hosted this past month.  I went early to watch her whip up pizza rolls and baked tomatoes. And it was a hit because we ate everything!  It was her sister’s birthday, so we could have cake, too.  Every first Tuesday of the month. Earlier this year, it just sort of went away, so a few of us would email and wish it would come back….and it did this spring when a brave soul offered to open her home to us again.  

Birthday Cake

We’ve read so many books now, 43 in total.  We read everything. Hunger Games to There is Something About Kevin.  Sometimes the book discussion is 15 minutes, but we are sure to get it in.  I think I’ll make the book list a separate post, it’s fun to look back.  And I’m so proud of having read all of them (yes, I’m a good student like that).

September 2010 Book:  Paris to the Moon

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