Paletas from La Newyorkina

We walk the High Line a lot.  For a leisurely stroll on the weekends, or on the way back from the gym.  So I see quite a few people eating La Newyorkina’s Paletas (Mexican Ice Pops).  More than just a few. 

According to Fanny’s website (she’s La Newyorkina), paleta is from the word “palo” which means stick. She makes some really neat flavors.  We went for one Passion Fruit and one Tamarind.  It just sounded interesting, so had to get it.

They are very flavorful.  You know when you get a cheap pop and you suck the juice out and it’s just tasteless ice left? Not here, it’s all juicy.  She makes Hibiscus, Coconut, Key Lime…

I was told to sprinkle a little of the sweet chili on it to enhance the flavor, so of course I did. La Newyorkina is all over the city, so catch her while you can!


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