Myers of Keswick

There is probably the American version of the Myer’s of Keswick in London for Americans living there.  The tiny shop that stocks the favorites that you just can’t get in your new home.  It’s south of the Meat Packing on the way to the West Village.  M loves the Cherry Airwaves gum.  The gum with the slightly medicinal taste in a chicklet shape with the hard shell.  They didn’t carry it for awhile, but maybe they were keeping track of how many people were asking for it.  Because when we stopped in yesterday, it was there!

But every time we come in there, it smells like home.  They bake all sorts of little meat pies and they make sausages.  Oh, I bet they are good.  I think Fall will be the time to finally give in.  But they’ve also go the favorites:  all kind of English chocolates, Yorkshire pudding mixes and of course, Marmite.  I’d like to get a jar just to try it.  Even for an American like me, I do love this shop.

As you can imagine, they were all over the Royal Wedding this past spring.  And there are other holidays where they are clearly making and wrapping up the traditional meals of that particular day.  I don’t know what they are, but when we find ourselves in the store around Easter and Christmas, I can smell the goodness.

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