Oh, No, Irene

I have been on a bit of a hiatus while I started my week at the Outer Banks and decided to go offline.  But I’m back in New York City and bracing for Irene.  I’ll have to report on the beach this coming week, while I reminisce about my vacation cut short.  Chased off the beach and robbed of my full 7 days.

Everything was closing early or closed by 8 am.  I think mostly because the people who work in the shops couldn’t make it in with the subway system shut down.  La Bergamote, the little French place past Joe, took in the Joe refugees after we saw this sign.

M braved the NSA to get us the essentials Friday afternoon. We added more water, a can of Chef Boyaredee and Deviled Ham (my request later that night after dinner out).

We ventured out for lunch.  The Flatiron building was taking precautions.  And Eataly was “sort of closed” as the sign said.  So we gathered up some cheeses, meats and bread for lunch before they really shut down.  Now we are really in, and I’m already bored.  I said it would be a great chance to catch up on movies like St. Elmo’s Fire and Working Girl.  I didn’t get a good response to that one!

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