Schnitzel, I Gave In

Friday is Schnitzel Truck day in the office.  Well, for most of the team as I haven’t had it yet.  Not that I haven’t wanted to get it.  But for some reason, just wanted something lighter before a swim after work.  But it was a nice day, I found a colleague in for splitting the sandwich, and off we went with our team and the interns.  It’s one of the gourmet food trucks roaming midtown.

First issue, the Truck wasn’t in the normal spot on 52nd off of Lex.  I checked Twitter and discovered they were kicked out of their spot. So, on to the storefront the opened not that long ago….

The Schnitzel is thin chicken or pork cutlets lightly fried.  I know, you are probably thinking heavy sausages, heavy fried cutlets…but it’s not that at all.  You can get the sandwich version on Ciabatta bread, or a plate with sides.  I was told the sandwich is delicious, with the chipotle mayo.  R and I opted for no cheese and sauce on the side.

It was delicious, not greasy at all.  And I gave in to the red cabbage.  My grandma used to make it and now my dad does.  All in all, a very satisfying lunch.

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