Race Day: Rain Rain & More Rain!

The forecast for rain has somehow totally brought down the stress level for some reason.  It’s almost like I can just enjoy the race now.  And maybe the run won’t be so incredibly hot!

But it’s not just the race and I was reminded of that last night at our Team in Training Inspiration Dinner where 500 of us started the carbo load.  Lily Hubschman was the honored speaker.  Her father was the CEO of GECAS, GE’s aircraft leasing business, where I worked in 2004.  I remembered Henry, he knew the airline industry, he was respected, and he had a very loving family.  And he suffered from Leukemia for 10 years, just passing away in February.  Lily is doing her first tri this year, Team in Training giving her the momentum to keep going.  I’ve raised over $2,800 this year, and I’m reminded why.  It was honestly a bit of a shock to see his picture up there and see his daughter so poised on stage.

On a lighter note…I laugh at all the gear required, and I don’t even have the bike here.

The tested race day energy gels.  The morning will start with PB&J on wheat at home at 3:30 am.  Then a banana around 5 am at the swim start.  Then we’ll move on to the Espresso to start the bike.  Then some Chocolate Cherry to carry me through the bike.  We’ll have a burst of freshness as we hit 72nd street when the Green Apple hits the taste buds.

Ohhh, the swim start barge.

And my exit from the swim (it won’t come soon enough).

My bike, where I left it, with a little note from the race organizers.  

Rocking the body marking.  I’m going to own that 35 on my calf.  And I’m going to do this race with a smile, all the way through the downpour, for Team in Training.  Of all 4 years this has been my favorite.  The NYC coaches are amazing, the people are great, and they’ve really pushed me.

Oh, and I can change a flat, now, too.  Thanks go my TNTers!

Still an amateur, though, if you see the grease on my other leg (and all over my hands).

If you knew me in high school (especially during my track & field days)…you and I would never have thought I’d be doing this in 20 years.  Oh, what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Thank you to M, for being so incredibly patient over my 5 months of training and my early Saturdays.

2 thoughts on “Race Day: Rain Rain & More Rain!

  1. Are you saying you don't look fondly back on our inaugural 8000M in 1993? My favorite part was when someone yelled "girls stop fooling around, we need to finish this race!". Every 10 or so years, I'm tempted to run again and afterwards I remember why I hate it. Anyway, super proud of you and your hard work on this race!

  2. I love that story, and I love telling that story! That was my first and last run of any distance during high school. I don't even know what we were thinking…did they need people to just run it or something? Anyhow, that's a memory that has stuck!

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