Smorgasburg: Desserts

As I promised in my last post, there would be dessert at Smorgasburg.  M had one of the $6 ice cream sandwiches last week.  Yes, that’s right, $6.  And The Good Batch sold out last week.  We went back for the Chocolate Hazelnut one.  It was just ok, not a ton of flavor.  I did like the thinner waffle type cookie, though.  But lets face it, who doesn’t love ice cream in any form.

And because this seemed a little healthier, we decided we could have two desserts.  Chocolate covered frozen bananas, toppings optional, made to order.  When we approached the cart, they were out of bananas.  But someone was coming right back with more.  Well, this was certainly a crowd pleaser because there was a line 10 deep after we got ours.  

They mastered the chocolate.  It’s thick and really sticks to the banana.  I was afraid it was going to all slide off after he pulled it out of the hot chocolate.  The bananas are care of former Pies n’ Thighs baker, Cecile Dyer.

Doesn’t our dipper have a hipster look?  Seriously, you can’t escape it.  If you can read it, a little more on the bananas.

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