Smorgasburg: Tasting Brooklyn

It started with the Shorty Tang noodles at noon.   M said we had to go to Smorgasburg, we just had to go.  He went earlier July when I went to Ellington.  He raved about all the good things to eat, the view of Manhattan, being near the water in Brooklyn.  I love a good view, and I love to eat.

Smorgasburg is a weekly food court and market in Williamsburg, land of the hipster.   Over 100 vendors took over a vacant lot, in an extension of the Brooklyn Flea Market.  The place was popping by 1 pm and if you don’t get there before a certain point in the afternoon, what you want might be gone.  Things aren’t cheap, but they certainly are tasty.

So the Shorty Tang noodles.  Cold sesame noodles mixed on the spot to order.  Shorty Tang was a real person in Chinatown (of Hwa Yuan restaurant).  Tang died years ago, but his recipe has been picked up and carried on. And it’s available here.

Next we moved on to the main course.  M was going to get the raved-about chorizo sandwich.  I was pulled in by the Country Boys tacos.  They looked authentic.  This vendor has won a Vendy and usually sets up shop at the ball fields in Red Hook.  A chicken and pork taco with everything was soon handed over.  On corn tortillas.  This was what really sold me, and if you’ve seen my Austin post you know I can’t say no.

Delicious.  So delish, M had one and we didn’t get to the chorizo.  You can see a little of Manhattan from our shady lunch spot.

The whole thing is great.  Lots of seating and great people watching.  I loved the Charlotte- Hornets-trucker-hat wearing tattoed-to-the-hilt, skinny-jean-wearing guy pushing his Maclaren.  Who says you have to stop being a hipster when the kids come?  

We didn’t stop with the main dishes, but I’ll save dessert for tomorrow.  Let me rephrase that.  DessertS because we couldn’t have just one.

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