Ice Cream Sandwich Crackdown

Yesterday, I was checking my food blogs and saw a quick story about buy one get one ice cream sandwiches at the Sweetery Truck, to promote something for Visa.  And the picture in Midtown Lunch looked like a Melt Bakery ice cream sandwich (see my May Post to learn about Melt Bakery).  So I even put a note on my calendar to remember to run out if I had time this afternoon.  

Well, well, well.  Apparently, they just USED the picture of K’s Melt Bakery Ice Cream sandwiches.  So I was tasked to learn more, since they would recognize K.  I felt like I was on Dateline, getting to the bottom of this. 

K breaks left down 53rd, I continue on to the truck.

There are only 2 kinds.   These aren’t the Melt wrappers.  This is the thing, Sweetery carries Melt products, so what is with this new sandwich?  

I ask are there always these kinds.   I ask where else can I get them.  She’s evasive.  And honestly, I can’t remember what exactly I asked now, but it was along these lines.  I’m not sure I’m Dateline material quite yet.

We open up the wrappers.  I think one is salted caramel ice cream, the other is chocolate.  Watching the waist and knowing I had a hard run later, I didn’t need to eat the entire thing.  But the cookie was a little soft.  I was told it was undercooked.  And when you freeze undercooked cookies, there is more moisture in them so they end up icy.  And they were very buttery.  I’m depending on the expert here at this point.   But the moisture thing is something I need to remember when I make ice cream sandwiches at the beach in August.

So don’t go to the Sweetery Truck for this deal.  Go straight to Melt Bakery at the Hester Street Fair or on the High Line.  And tell K I said hello!

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