Going Home, Always Good

When I think of summer, I think of corn on the cob.  Grilling.  Relaxing with family.  Ice cream and popcicles.  It’s always good, especially when I get to spend a full weekend with my parents and sister.  Ellington is a small town, with a few newer additions since I was a kid running around the neighborhood (Big Y!).  But it’s still Ellington, where they tell you to take an extra few ears of corn because this is the first harvest and they are a little small.  Oh, and where you can buy bunnies, apparently.  Not sure M. would have appreciated that little addition to the apartment.

My mom has bran muffins and coffee ready for my arrival.  We stand around the kitchen and catch up, words and updates flying back and forth.  Then it’s off for some shopping where my Dad has the patience of a saint.  What man really wants to let 3 women loose in DSW?  My Dad.

And then we head back home for hamburgers on the grill.  Oh, and Birthday Cake for Amy and Jill!  We both get our names on the cake because that’s the only fair way to do it, of course.  Yes, I departed so quickly after Christmas to avoid the storm, we didn’t get to have my early birthday cake.  My mom remembers this detail, of course.  And despite all the years, my mom and dad give me a gift on my sister’s birthday (because that’s what she did when we were little so no one would feel left out).

What a great weekend.

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