Guest Post: LC In DC!

Loyal readers, I’m heading to Ellington, CT for the weekend. I need to assure my mom that I am indeed alive and well.  To get my sister and I at home for one weekend requires great feats of scheduling.  But I didn’t want you to not have a post leading into the weekend, so am presenting a guest post from LC, a dear Darden girlfriend.  And she doesn’t disappoint, she sent me food pictures to include!  Enjoy!

Hi Jillie readers…every week when I read this blog, I feel guilty that while J. and M. are hitting the NY hot spots, E. (hubbie) and I continue to have the same routine pretty much every weekend – dinner at usual spot, come home to Comcast OnDemand movie, punctuate occasionally with a dinner with friends.  We do not have the excuse of children – really we have no excuse for not getting out more.   In fact, as E. reminds me, we live in one of the oldest cities in the U.S., never mind that it’s 10 min from DC.

So last night we decided to venture to a Nationals game.  I am a huge baseball fan, and I haven’t been to a game since…well, it’s been a long time and I believe it was the Round Rock Express (Double A), where my former employer used to occasionally rent a skybox.  But that was the minors anyway, which doesn’t really count.

We started by boarding the water shuttle at the pier in Old Town Alexandria.   If you live in or near Alexandria, this is really the way to go – a lovely 20 minute boat ride later (complete with a bar), we arrive right at the first base entrance.  The Nationals are playing the Rockies – along with the game, I enjoy a fat Hebrew National hot dog and nachos with the yummy cheese you only get at the ballpark.  I wanted ice cream too, but the game ended abruptly with a depressing double play (and subsequent win) by the Rockies, and we had to board our boat home. 

As an added bonus for my first guest blog, I thought I would share my Sunday morning too, which includes 2 other historical treasures from my home town.  First, as E. also reminds me, our church is a famous historical site where many founding fathers attended service.  Last week for the “Independence day” service, they brought G.W.’s Bible up from Mt. Vernon and read from it (no kidding).  No such luck this week.   Bonus – the church is also down the street from one of the most delicious French cafes I have ever visited (even while living in France) — Le Pain Quotidien.  

The chicken chorizo and organic cheddar omelet is my fave – today we had it with the blueberry and corn scone.  Yum!
Thanks for indulging me…if Jill lets me, I hope to be back once in a while with more hometown adventures.

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