New Orleans Style Iced Coffee

I missed our Joe coffee trip on Saturday, but it was the kind of day where I was up for coffee a little later.  Maybe an Iced Coffee.  M said that Blue Bottle had a spot on the High Line.  Blue Bottle is a San Francisco thing, and something I didn’t write about in my May posts about my trip out there.  I really wanted to try it, it was just hard to fit it in during my afternoon at the Ferry Building

I had my chance. Granted, it wasn’t hot drip.  I went with the New Orleans style. Now, I’ve seen this around, but didn’t know exactly what it was.  It says it’s sweet, and I don’t like my coffee drinks too sweet (because I wonder how much sugar and calories are in it). But she sold me, she said the “slight” sweetness balanced the chicory of the coffee.

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