Coney Island Swim Time

Just a month left of training and we are in our last big push to be race ready.  So we train like we’d race, picking up the pace towards the finish.  At least that’s what the coaches want us to do.

Last weekend I came home after our 38 mile ride and actually said “I think I could just do the Half Ironman from here”.  I figured it’s only a 50 mile bike ride and I was running 9 miles.  I’m so close!

Well, I was jolted back to reality today when we had our open water swim practice at Coney Island.  I don’t know if it was my dinner Friday night, dinner with a mix of salt water, the wetsuit tight around my neck, or the 100 people in my intermediate group.  But I was not feeling it yesterda morning.  I wanted to stand up and ask if I could be done.  Lesson learned: maybe don’t have falafel, wine, hummus and the works the night before.

We swam between the rock areas that separated the water in the picture up above.  It was a great day weatherwise, though.  My first time to Coney Island and Brighton Beach.  I only know the Q train from 59th & Lex to Herald Square…not all the way out to Brooklyn.

But I made it!  It was only 7, so very calm and peaceful before the crowds.

We swam then hit the boardwalk for a run.  Now, had I been feeling up to it, I would have had some Russian Food in Brighton Beach.  But not today, another time.  It was fun to see, lots of Russian, and old ladies in their swimsuits.

One last shot:Am still thinking about that NH Half Ironman though, I haven’t completely given up the thought!

No, I didn’t have a hotdog like the rest of the team afterwards.  A few people stopped on the Boardwalk for a chili dog post run.

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