It Started at Buvette

Back in May we had one of the loveliest dinners I can remember.  It was a spring night, we wanted to try something new, so picked a restaurant from our Yelp bookmarks…and walked to the West Village.  We landed at Buvette.  There was a line, but not too long. Inside it was cute and charming.  Very welcoming, a place you’d come with friends.

Our French waiter guided us through some cheese selections (a hard, a soft, something in between) and a few other smaller plates.  Honestly, every single bite was tasty.  There was just the right amount of food, not too much.  I loved the duck confit that arrived in a little jar.

Our waiter chatted with us a bit, told us we’d love Paris.  He’s been all over, recently new to New York.  What was nice is that he never once made us feel rushed. It was like I was in a friend’s house.  He did share the the woman behind the restaurant thought very carefully about every detail of the layout.  She did a good job, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Getting to the wine, though..

We’re both fond of the rose, especially in summer, so opted for a bottle of the French Whispering Angel.  I’ll admit, I didn’t love the name, but I did love the wine.  It was good to the very last drop.  Our waiter looked at the color before he poured and said it was going to be good (now, who knows if he really knew anything, but it certainly sold me).

So good in fact, that we sought it out after.  Mark found it near Grammercy and we bought a bottle to La Follia (great Italian).  I found it at Sherry-Lehmann near the office.  When we were in Chelsea Market and saw it again…we decided we might need to own a case.

I told Mark that it is a wine you enjoy the entire way through.  Some wines I get tired with and by the end of the bottle, I’m sort of glad it’s the end.  Not my Whispering Angel.  We’ll be enjoying a nice chilled glass, or many glasses, all summer.

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