I Love Stephen

I love Stephen Colbert.  Ok, and I also really like the real Stephen Colbert.  I’d love to be invited to his house in CT (I think that’s where he lives) for a BBQ sometime.  And I love the show.  So when my coworker got the ticket release day from a twitter feed, I sent that info to my fellow Colbert lover, and he got us 4 tickets to the show.  We were joined by Dan & Dan, also Stewart and Colbert fans.  

We started the wait around 5 and were let in around 6:45.  You aren’t guaranteed a seat, thus the reason to show up early in line.  But you are on a list and you can go stand with your friends when you arrive.  A comedian warmed up the audience, and then Stephen answers questions as himself.  Dan got to ask one, something about who he models himself after seeing that the far right from 5 years ago is not so far right anymore.  He said it was originally O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper (because he’s like a bright shiny penny) and someone else.  

I’m not always a big fan of the musical guests, but it was Bon Iver (of Skinny Love).  He was actually pretty good for Q&A with Stephen, and then he sang something off his new album.  Then Skinny Love for the website.  Yes, I know I’m the target for that song, the other 3 guys with me just didn’t appreciate it as much.  There were a few retakes, which was interesting to watch.

Our episode:

We are waaaay up in the back in the top row about 2/3 the way over from the left.

Then we were done and went over to the Pony Bar on 10th Ave for a beer.  This is a great spot for a beer.  Lots of really interesting beers on tap. The list changes daily.  Everything is $5 and the food is pretty good too. Just a little far west if you happen to live in Brooklyn or Astoria.

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2 thoughts on “I Love Stephen

  1. first time on your site. You caught me at Stephen Colbert. I grew up with some of his older siblings. Great family- so nice. I didn't get to know his sister so well, but I was friends with several of the brothers and they were all funny guys. Thanks for the visit!

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