The High Line: North to 30th Street is Open!

Ever since The High Line opened 2 years ago this month, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day the segment from 20th Street north to 30th Street was going to open. And this was the week.  More to come as we only explored it quickly (on the way to ice cream sandwiches @ Melt).  But since the northern end is literally in my back yard, I’ll be back.

This is where the new segment ends and the “spur” circles back. I believe the city got the rights to this so will save it.  The large building on the right is one  of the postal facilities.  And to the left off the picture is where NJT and Amtrak head into Manhattan.

This is just such a great example of taking an unused space and making something really cool.  Granted, it took a lot of high profile, wealthy individuals to make it happen.  There are always a ton of tourists walking along the elevated park, stopping at large benches for lounging, taking in the view of the Hudson, looking at the neighborhood from a new perspective.  Apparently, there hasn’t been even one issue with crime.  Nothing.

Here’s a stretch of bench an grass for relaxing (and more new construction).

It’s been a great success for the Chelsea area.  And I would have to think this new section that ends at what is going to be the Hudson Yards area will do wonders for the area.  Related is the developer behind the location, the same ones behind the Time Warner Center.  Honestly, 20 years ago, no one would have gone to this area (I heard it was all drugs and prostitutes).  But now, with wine bars down the street, million dollar condos,  and Tom Colicchio’s beer garden at the base of The High Line, it’s a destination.  Oh, and did I mention that food trucks will be parked here all summer to greet the tourists?  Easy access to some of my favorite truck items.  There are still quite a few night clubs and auto body shops to give it character.  But with the new apartments going up, I wonder how long some will last.

Two new buildings right on The High Line.  The one on the left is around 25th Street.  This is the new apartment building built right up against the High Line on 23rd Street (on the right).  A bit modern, lots of windows.

This is a peak at the Half King bar on 23rd as well.  It’s one of those places I’ve walked by hundreds of times on my way to the gym.  Sebastian Junger is a part owner.  And an art installation that is actually a birdhouse.  The artist was there tending to it (also on 20th St)

I just liked this tree, I’ve never seen anything like it.  They do a great job of planting seasonal flowers and greenery, so it’s always changing.

For a look back at the 1st section, check out my posts back in 2009. And to give you a sense of what the space looked like before, this is a picture on a bilboard around 18th Street.

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