Melt Bakery: Melts in My Mouth

What happened to me?  It’s nearly the middle of June and I haven’t posted this month.  No great reason, just busy with work, enjoying the city and triathlon training.   But to kick things off again, going to talk about our little adventure today. 

It was a bit dreary today.  Too dreary for me to be excited about that 7:30 am Team in Training run for the Tri, but I got myself ready, biked up to Riverside Park….and finished a 9 mile run when all I thought we were doing was running the race course (6 miles).  I had no idea I had it in me, I’ll be honest.  Especially since 3 miles on the treadmill last night was incredibly painful.

And the dreariness continued, but it was not going to stop us from walking over to the LES (Lower East Side) and checking out the Hester Street Fair.  With one very particular stop at Melt Bakery’s outpost.  I’ve known they sell their goods here for awhile, but somehow never made it.  

Below is Kareem, one half of Melt (Julien came later).  I know Kareem from work (his other full time job during the day).  There were a few showers so we hung out under the tents, watched the customers come, talked about the business and flavor combinations.  A pretty good afternoon, despite the dreariness.  I even covered the stand while Kareem ran home for a minute. You can find Melt items on the Sweetery truck (whoopie pies!) and at Melt (the grilled cheese shop on the UES), and soon near the High Line (and lots of other places).

I went for The Elvis (peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream).  M went for the very popular Morticia (chocolate cookie rolled in turbinado sugar with chocolate rum ice cream).  And because we hung out for quite a bit and worked up an appetite, I had the opportunity to sample the Cinnamon Toast Crunch (snickerdoodle cookies and cinnamon ice cream).  Yum.

I told Julien there could be a Jill…some accompaniment to The Jack (pumpkin for October).  Maybe it’s Candy Corn inspired.  Just thinking out loud here.

The storefront on Orchard is going to open soon.  I heard the peach inspired ice cream sandwich is delicious, we just need to wait for peaches to be in season.  I’ll be back.

Melt is stationed at the Hester Street Fair.  If you’ve watched Bethenny on Bravo, you may know this from the episode where food blogger Nick took her for a food tasting.  Lots of little shops, things to eat, things to buy.  I bought Chai Caramel Sauce at another stand, so you’ll be seeing a report out on that soon.

Melt Bakery (they’ll ship to you if you aren’t in NYC):

4 thoughts on “Melt Bakery: Melts in My Mouth

  1. So seriously, what's a typical week in the life of a Bloomberg/triathlon trainer/gourmand look like? Cuz honestly I can't see how you get the time to train!

  2. LB – I know they will certainly ship to DC. And I will let Kareem know there is demand farther south. I'm going to check out their High Line cart this weekend.LD – I'm running out of time to train. Or I decide to bag it and watch the Bachelorette, like tonight.

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