CA Hamburgers: The Habit & In-N-Out

Upon learning that there were a few burger joints I had not tried in the Bay Area, I thought I’d try to do some due diligence and check them all out.  But a week of burgers and fries is not good for my bikini body, so we only made it to two.  A new place and an old favorite.

First, a sunny afternoon at The Habit.  It started in 1969 in Santa Barbara, CA.  Yes, that’s me in downtown Walnut Creek (after a hard day of bopping into my favorite stores).  The burgers were pretty darn tasty.  Soft bun, good burger, and grilled onions come with.  And the waitress walks around and brings you extra sauce.  I’d say it was almost as good as In-N-Out.

But then we went to In-N-Out the next day after a trip up to Marin.  And it’s still as good as I remember it.  I know people love Five Guys, too (and more than the In-N-Out).  But to me, there is nothing like the California version of the burger.  It’ll be a favorite.

What I didn’t get to try was Nation’s.  They started in San Pablo, CA.  So many burgers from CA (read “In-N-Out Burger by Stacy Perman, it talks about the start of so many fast food places, many in CA because of the driving nature of the state).

Which made me think of my top burger places.  I’m going to admit, I’m particular about a few (the exact location I like it at, for example)…but my working list is below.

  1. BLT & In-N-Out (sit down versus fast food) but at the top for different burger types
  2. Shake Shake (must be in Madison Square Park on a nice NY evening after a long wait in line – because I think it tastes better because you’ve waited so long, not because it’s the best burger I’ve ever had).
  3. The Habit
  4. Five Guys

Dessert will be up tomorrow!  

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