Pepples Donuts at the Ferry Building

Donuts. You know I like them. I like to try new ones. So when I told the woman at this stand I would be back, I wasn’t lying. Besides, these donuts looked so pretty!

Continuing on my California adventure…we went into San Francisco one day so I could stop at the office out west, meet a friend for lunch and another friend for dinner (busy day!). While I waited for M to join me in the city, I killed some time at the Ferry building. And there are enough little food shops to poke around in to keep me busy for a bit.

But I committed to the Pepples Organic Donuts. I asked her what was most popular and took it. Salty Caramel. I vowed to myself I would only eat half, too. Just to be sort of good.

Like you might expect here, it’s totally organic and vegan (honestly, the vegan part can be a turnoff for me, so you better make it look like a really good dessert if you go down that route). The kiosk at the Ferry building has been open about a year now. I had to snap a shot of the girl who helped me decide, she definitely had a Brooklyn look. She rung me up on her iPad, and if you need to use a credit card, she’ll swipe you with Square (how Bay area!). Note: Square is a device you plug into the jack on an iphone/ipad allowing you to accept credit card payments.

I couldn’t resist the shot of the donut with the Bay Bridge in the background, so got low on the bench to get close to the donut…slid over to get a little closer….and oops, splinter in the behind! Yes, not pretty. I thought I had taken care of it that afternoon. Alas, I didn’t and worried about the wood in my tush for the next few days until my doctor pulled it out.

As for the donut, the caramel covering was DELICIOUS. Sweet and salty – love that combo! The donut part was pretty good, too. Good crumb, and a soft spot near the top middle where it’s a little gooier maybe, if that makes sense.

It was a beautiful day. Look at that sky over the Ferry Building!

Pepples Donuts:

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