Finally Kino Weather?

When I was in Florida in February for my sister’s wedding, one of the guests said I needed to go to the Kino Factory in Key West for sandals. Kino’s? I had never heard of them but was intrigued. Who doesn’t love a good deal on sandals. And they are made in Key West, so figured I could get them at the source.

So on our last day, on our trip to the town, I had two must-dos: Southernmost Point and this tucked away Kino store. Found both. And while M kept the bench occupied, I went in and conducted my business.

There was a long shelf of all the colors and styles. I request the 8 from behind the counter to try on and confirm the size. And boom boom boom, I’ve got the sizes and colors in my hand in less than 5 minutes (nope, I didn’t try on all the pairs). Why debate at this price? I just found it funny as some of the tourists, debated, needed different sizes…for this price, you just buy it and give it away if it doesn’t fit in the end.

And I’m off to California tomorrow morning (for a week, so looking forward to it). And I think it might be time to break them out! I don’t do a lot of flip flop wearing in NY. I walk too much and I find the grime at the end of the day kind of gross. I only need one trip to see what my feet look like and won’t do it again the rest of the season.

So I’m sharing the Kino secret…I think you can find them online, so it’s not that big of a secret.

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