Even Better: Lunch Followed By Macarons

Last Friday I caught up with and old friend from a past employer (who brings good things to life). I was coming from work, he was coming from an errand, and we happened up the Macaron Cafe somewhere in the middle. It’s a cute little spot on Madison and 59th Street. Totally delightful. They have a choice of sandwiches and you can grab an open table in the back. We both took the daily special (a great tuna with avocado on wheat bread, I’d go back!).

And then followed it up with a 6-pack of macarons. I’d have to say that my favorites were the almond and pistachio. The rose-lavendar was good in concept but not in reality. Bouchon might still be my favorite, so will have to keep on trying!
Macaron Cafe: http://macaroncafe.com/

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