Taim: My Favorite Falafal

There was a point about 2 years ago when we ate lunch here quite frequently. It would be a nice day, we’d look at one another, ask what was for lunch, and head here. It’s tucked away on a side street in the West Village. It’s a tiny little shop, but packed with flavor. Get here early to snag one of the 5 stools inside, or on the bench outside. Just don’t sit on any of the steps of the surrounding buildings – the sign inside Taim will warn you it’s frowned upon. I’m sure the neighbors hate it.

So the specialty is falafal (3 different kinds are offered) in a pita, but we’ve had the sabich sandwich, too. Instead of the light, fried-just-right balls of falafal, the pita is filled with grilled eggplant. All the sandwiches come with hummus, tahini and the Israeli salad. We typically go for a side of tabouli.


Oh, it’s just so good. And do you know what else I appreciate? That they put falafal deep in the pocket of the pita. So when I get to the end it’s not all bread and hummus. There are still falafal left. Yup, I appreciate that.

I’d have to say, some of the best falafal in the city. I’ve tried Mamoun’s…I took an Arabic class at NYU and everyone kept raving about this place. So of course, I tried it. It was super cheap (I’m talking $2.50 for a falafal sandwich), and the sauce was super spicy. In fact, it was too spicy (and I like spice). So in the end, Taim is the winner.
They’ve got a mobile truck, so maybe I’ll have more midweek lunches here!

One thought on “Taim: My Favorite Falafal

  1. Update from 5.14.11: We went back for lunch on a Sunday and got the fries this time (yes, a little unhealthy). Very good, very crisp (which I like). I liked the saffron aioli, M not so much. But I like pretty much everything.

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