My Top Chef

We are big Top Chef fans here. I love Gail, Padma and Tom (M isn’t as big a fan of Gail or Padma), I love the challenges, and I especially love the All Star version.

But there aren’t just 18 or so Top Chefs. I’ve got one living right here. And last night he came through with his BLT salad with homemade buttermilk dressing, a recipe we found earlier in the day at Barnes & Noble and which we just photographed with the iphone. While M was capturing recipes, I was taking pictures of books so I’d remember to add them to my list at home. Ahh, the beauty of technology.

Fresh dill really made the dressing. And then we followed it up with pasta.

Followed by dessert. My mom had given me a cake mix on one of my trips home (it’s like grocery shopping, she’s always passing off mixes). Since it’s the weekend, we went all out with cake. We thought about going to Lulu, but I really was craving a moist box cake. I’ll be totally honest. It’s not fancy, but with a little doctoring care of the Cake Doctor cookbook, we had a classic yellow cake and homemade chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Delicious. And I might have a piece for breakfast today.

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