Thursday Nite Theater Nite

Last night was Theater Nite, West Village style.

Our friend, Dan Monaco, wrote and directed Trousers, which opened last night at the IRT on Christopher Street. Trousers is a play about two men – one wearing a 15 foot pair of trousers, and one not wearing any at all (and the bruising that ensues between them). Thank you, IRT website, for that summary. The Straddler, an interdisciplinary organization with a literary magazine, sponsored the play.

The play runs March 24th – April 8th at the IRT at 154 Christopher Street.

Instead of a pre-theater dinner, we did a quick stop for a snack. Our target was the Italian cookie place near Bleeker, but the bright lights of Sockerbit (Sweet and Swedish!) drew us in.

The “Ikea of Candy Stores” just opened this month. Bright, clean and sparse. It’s so Swedish. And had lots of candy. I spent most of my time taking pictures, while M made the selections. I loved all the variations of licorice…salty licorice, loved it! As you can see from the message on the wall – it’s transfat free and the colors are all natural. Very healthy.
And we followed up the play with a neighborhood Italian place. Super cozy, Italian staff, all business. Malatesta Trattoria on Washington Street, our little go to spot if we are in the neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Nite Theater Nite

  1. I visited this candy store as well, but had no idea they were free of transfat and unnatural colors. Yippii! Now I can go back with clean conscious. Although my teeth still won't thank me…

  2. Yes, it's a healthy candy!And to swedennewyork…I entered! I had NO idea salty black licorice was a Swedish thing. It's my new favorite. Thank you for coming to NY, I love it!

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