How good does this Candy Bar Pie look? We had a productive day, touring the city, being all cultural, hitting the UES and the UWS. So we worked up an appetite for lunch. And since it’s Saturday, we finished off with a sweet treat. We have two very big sweet tooths in this house. Using the power of Yelp from our lunch spot, I did a search on “desserts”, then “cookies” and hit on a winner. David Chang’s midtown outpost of Momofuko Milk Bar on 56th between 5th & 6th. It’s upstairs of Ma Pache.

The Candy Bar Pie is a piece of chocolate crust with caramel, peanut butter nougat and pretzels. It’s a “slice” fit into a neat little box. We took it right next door to the Chambers Hotel lobby. Milk Bar is just adjacent, in the same building as this boutique hotel. We could really enjoy our dessert in the peace and quiet. I think the staff enjoyed watching us eat all this goodness.

As I mentioned, we were busy busy busy in the morning! So many times, I say we should do something cultural. Isn’t this why Jason (Bethany’s Jason) says they live in New York? The culture, the museums? So we ventured to the Met. Mom, I’m sorry, I promise to take you there, too (she has been dying to go since I moved here!) Let’s just say M has the same philosophy on museum going.
See, to prove we were there:

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