Triathlon. Donut Plant. Triathlon. Square Donut.

I was so pumped Wednesday night! I left work, headed over to the NY Blood Center an joined a few hundred other Team in Training triathletes at the kick off for the NYC Triathlon event. Ready to jump in at that official start of training on Saturday. SO EXCITED!

Well, look what happened:

A little background, first. I did my first triathlon with TNT 5 years ago. I learned to swim, bike and run and had a successful finish. Then I did it 2 more times on my own. The last time I made my goal of 3 hours. And I was supposed to go into retirement. But then someone contacted me about doing a team at work (we’d get special shirts!). I guess I had added “triathlons” to my interests on our work bio pages and they found me.

And since I didn’t get in via the lottery, this was my chance. So I’m back and raising money. Honestly, it’s a great cause. We’re targeting to raise over $25K for my work team and $1.6 million from the entire NY team (500 of us).

My personal page: Jill’s Donation Page (click here)

I think 75% goes towards the Lymphoma & Leukemia society, and the rest is really just to provide all the resources to get everyone trained up.

When I read that the 1st training was 20 min of running, squats and running form, I started to rethink going. On 90th and 5th at 8 am, that’s not even near me. I sort of decided I’d join when it was a little more training, or at least biking.

So I’m going to enjoy my donut, run on my own and jump into the swim practice on Monday.

It’s funny, because I started this blog nearly 2 years ago when I was completing the 2009 triathlon. How time flies.

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