Korilla Time

I have 3 screens at work, which means after a long morning of spreadsheets, my eyes can start to ache. Lunch time rolls around and it’s nice out. I start to have a conversation with myself:

“Maybe I’ll just get a salad quick. Fresh & Co. Again. And I look at my screen again and people keep pinging me over the work IB. But sometimes I give into peer pressure and when the rest of my team says “Yes, come with us to Korilla, you need to get out”….I give in.

This is another one of the food trucks of New York (and I earned my Foursquare badge for visiting a bunch today!). Last October I wrote about sampling a bunch at the Food & Wine Festival, but the Korilla BBQ truck wasn’t there.
Well, it’s clearly popular because here is the line and you can glimpse the truck in the background.

The menu apparently changed because it used to be very confusing, from what I was told. I went with the Angus beef, lots of Asian veggies (kimchi, mung beans, and mushrooms). And then the very hot sauce.

It was quite tasty! Yes, I got the rice, but stayed to the right side of my dish. I know, it doesn’t look that great. I think most people go for the tacos and the burrito. With these carts, you have to go with what’s popular, right? I still liked my bowl, maybe next time I’ll venture into taco land.

2 thoughts on “Korilla Time

  1. So, I'll admit, the "street meat" in those other carts smells so GOOD. But we ventured there a few weeks ago (to a well known one). 10 minutes after watching my boyfriend eat it, I knew he wasn't feeling well (and we both can eat just about anything). I had taken pictures to blog about it…maybe I should now, haha.

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