Fro Yo Trip: Forty Carrots @ Bloomingdales

A few people have mentioned Forty Carrots, that it’s the best Frozen Yogurt. Tucked away in Bloomingdales, it was always a bit out of the way. But now I work right next door to Bloomingdales. No excuse not to go now, right?

Some of my coworkers wanted Forty Carrots and who am I to not tag along? I’m dying for a piece of bread about now, or something sweet (will need to wait until Saturday, but this whole thing may go out the window with the triathlon training). So what was I thinking by tagging along to watch someone else eat frozen yogurt?

Approaching the target destination…

And up through cosmetics….

7th floor….

Hidden in the back of bedding…

Here it is.

A good size portion for $4.50 (I know, it seems steep, but when you’ve seen the Grom prices, it looks good). This is not a topping crowd (too many calories). Finally made it here. Next time, I’ll actually have to order one!

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