MZ Wallace and Me

I’m a fan of MZ Wallace. This is me in India with my purple MZ.

I was introduced to the brand by my friend R in 2008. She wanted to pop into the Crosby Street store after catching up over coffee. I wasn’t going to argue, I’m always looking for a good bag. I left with the Bea and haven’t looked back. The bags are functional and help me look put together. It’s a durable nylon with enough details to hold it’s shape. I feel organized when I use that and well, that’s important in my “like to be organized life”. I can fit the laptop and gym clothes in it, and that’s what I like. I own a Bea, a Jane, a Zoe, and 2 I don’t know the names of which seem to have gone into retirement. I scope out the pop up sales and hit the 3 hour “everything is 50% off from 6-9 at the Crosby Street store” where I’ll stand in line for an hour with 40 other women.
So there was a Facebook post by the company looking for fans. Yes, I’m a fan on Facebook so sent in an email. After an exchange of emails, I went to meet up with the digital marketing firm they are working with. I’m a mid-thirties, practical kind of girl. And apparently, there is a “type” for owners of these bags. People like me. Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? It was an hour of me rattling off what celeb would own one of these, what other brands I’m loyal to (Fergus said I was a wealth of info as I rattled on about the Laundress, Smart Wool, Pradagonia, Femmegems, Satya, and Tieks. All these random brands that clearly I have an affinity for). An interesting question they posed: Would I want to know more about MZ Wallace and the girls behind it? It made me realize I don’t know much, besides there are 2 women behind it. Maybe? I clearly know the two Cornell textile- trained women behind the Laundress and follow their blog.
It’s funny because were getting wine Saturday afternoon and the girl at the counter liked my Zoe. I like her, too.

2 thoughts on “MZ Wallace and Me

  1. I'll be honest, I got 4 of the 5 at a great discount (I watch for the sale after Thanksgiving) and went to the 50% off sale in the store. I take requests if there is an in store sale again!

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