Waffles & Dinges at the High Line

I have a few stops yesterday I wanted to report out on, but am thinking the walk we just took was worthy of a post. We wanted to get out of the house for a walk so headed towards the meatpacking and High Line (both always a good place for people watching). And at the entrance of the High Line we saw the Waffles and Dinges cart.

I recently tried this when C and U in the office brought some samples back after a client meeting. What’s so great about a waffle? Well, the fresh backed smell….and the Spekuloos! The Speckuloos is a spread that looks like peanut butter but tastes like Belgian cinnamon gingerbread cookies (according the W&F website).

It took us a minute to figure out but the “dinges” is the topping you select for your waffle and includes a host of items like whipped cream, nutella, peanut butter, chocolate and on and on.

Deeelightful is what I would call this. It was chilly out and this warm treat totally hit the spot.

Waffles & Dinges, a moving target.

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