Cupcakes, Giving Them Another Try

I love the idea of baked goods, but sometimes it’s a disappointment. Bars, cakes and cookies look so good behind the counter. The store is cute, there are lots of cakes on cake plates and the smell of frosting fills the air. And then there is something missing. Case in point, our Rocky Road bar at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I think the specialty here is cake and cupcakes, but we went for the bar. And it had alot going on and was the “something sweet” I needed, but it wasn’t great.
Too much frosting at Crumbs, dry at Magnolia, fine at Cupcake Stop…And unless someone has raved about a cupcake at this point, it’s hard for me to go down that path. I’ll admit, my Cake Doctor book and I have made some very good box-based cakes. I like moist cake with a crumb. And I love frosting, but I don’t want too much frosting, or frosting so stiff that I can’t get a good bite of cake and frosting together.
Maybe my memories are influenced by who I’ve been with and where, but I enjoyed Georgetown cupcakes (DC for a shower) and Sprinkles (and we at them for breakfast at the Beverly Hills location), and Billy’s carrot cake ones (very specific ones here, too).  Well, today I had a great cupcake. I came back from a client visit and a tray of mini cupcakes was literally in my face as I got to my desk. K on our team was the recipient and shared them. Being on the Four Hour Body, my tendency is to say “no”….but I was hungry and they looked so darn cute and tasty.
And they were. The cherry pie one was like a bite of pie in my mouth (you even got the crust taste!). For demonstration purposes, we had to bite one in half so you could see the inside. See the cherry and the “crust” on top?
And I like anything PB&J related of course (see my last post on PB&J doughnuts). It was a peanut butter cake and jelly like frosting (to the left in the picture below).
The cupcakes are care of cakelab. Thank you Grace for my afternoon treat!

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