Mission: Doughnuts & Coffee

After eating protein, veggies and slow carbs all week I have really come to appreciate my Saturday morning coffee and pastry/sweet treat. For me, it’s been the Doughnut Plant doughnuts at Joe. M goes for the Cinnamon Roll. My morning couldn’t get any better, honestly, after this little trip.

Alas, last week, there were no doughnuts at Joe! Doughnut Plant just opened on 23rd Street in Chelsea, two blocks from Joe. Did the new location mean the weren’t selling to other outlets? Were the doughnuts gone forever from Joe? How would this impact our morning?
So last Saturday I had a rugalech, which was good. It just wasn’t the same.

But, being 4HB day off, I could justify the mid morning trip to Doughnut Plant to get one in. I wrote about our trip to the original location last spring. I have to be thorough in my blogging, of course, so this trip was critical.

So got the Peanut Butter & Jelly doughnut. Jelly inside, crunchy peanut butter on the outside. It was the best version of a PB&J I’ve ever had. Delicious and gone in about 2 minutes. I’m loyal to my Joe coffee, but do wander, and decided that if we needed to cheat to get our doughnuts we would.

Which wasn’t necessary because Joe DID start to carry doughnuts again this week. But that didn’t stop our trip back to Doughnut Plant this morning. Where I went for the Blackout. Not too sweet, some chocolate in the middle. Delicious. M found the Cinnamon Roll super fresh (which means a little soft sometimes).

The store is like the original with a doughnut theme to the decorating, this one just has more seating.
My morning is complete now.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Doughnuts & Coffee

  1. It was so good! I've decided the 4HB takes all the fun out of food, but I definitely eat less processed food (no more bars). And I REALLY enjoy the Saturday morning pastry.

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