Florida, Wedding, and Food!

Nothing helps make an event great more than friends, family and food. So the wedding was perfect, great amounts of all three! You know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t photograph the food. I think there may even be a picture of the official photographer taking a picture of me taking a picture of my dinner. Oh well! Everyone can laugh, but I love my food pictures.

This is a semi-food picture, in that I thought it was a cute picture that included the bride and groom, and the table we all gathered at for dinner.
Starting the evening with conch chowder and tiger shrimp and risotto for dinner (my choices).
And wrapping up the evening with cake and a mini cake (care of the Little Wedding Cake Company at Limelight). The wedding cake was delicious, even if it did have fruit on it, haha. I think fondant is a love or hate thing. And my sister and I like it.

But we had a little more cake the next day because my sister brought over the top. So we sampled. Sorry about that whole eating it one year later thing, dear sister. I swear it tasted better one day later than it would have a year later anyway.

And my perfect dessert at the rehearsal dinner. When that brownie and ice cream came, I was in heaven. I didn’t even touch the other two.

How can you go to south Florida and not have a cuban inspired sandwich and plantains? I will say I still enjoy Porto’s in Southern California.

I like tacos in Texas and I like tacos in Florida. I just like tacos.

But what would Key West be without some Key Lime pie tasting? Don’t worry, covered that fully.

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