My Sister Got Married!

We just got back from an amazing weekend where my sister because Mrs. Middleton. It was absolutely wonderful to share the moment with her, I’m such a proud older sister at the moment. The whole day felt truly special and I am so happy they are so happy and in love. I can’t help it!

And somehow I have over 650 pictures?!?! Well, as M says, digital pictures are free. I need to sit down and weed out the blurry ones and upload the good ones. But I can’t help but post a preview….

We had a great weekend with family and friends, and it was so nice to really get to know everyone over the few days we were all together. Just a few travel mishaps, a celeb to assist in the wedding chair setup, and perfect weather.

The wedding took place on the dock where the boat come in, this is a shot from the day before. I’ll take one of those chairs and a beverage! Actually make that a caiparinha. Which we did have during our morning island tour the day prior to the wedding. S thought we might need to relax. And it did the trick!

Sunset on Little Palm Island (and some random frolicking couple in the background). The lighting was perfect. Everyone needs that kind of lighting all the time, you look glowing! Which the new couple did, they were glowing.

I loved this one, just because you can see the smile in their eyes. And they are also eating cake, how can you not be happy?

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