Austin: The Sights

So it’s been a few days since my last post (more than a few days). The process of getting my pictures up was too involved.

But did want to share more food and sights this weekend! Last Saturday, A. and I ate lunch at Kirbey Lane and decided we needed to space out our meals a bit so decided to explore the area. We might be the only people in Austin who actually saw the little dinosaur area at Zilker Park.

We still needed to spend some time between lunch and dinner so we hopped in the car and drove to San Antonio and the Alamo! On the way down, we realized we didn’t really remember details of the big battle. That was ok, the history channel film at the sight filled us in. Honestly, there isn’t too much to see there but now I can say I’ve been to the Alamo. We drove by the Riverwalk if that counts. The entire trip was to kill time between my breakfast tacos and Saltlick, and we didn’t even end up at the BBQ place way outside town. Honestly, we felt like we needed to go because everyone told us to go. But even I needed something lighter to eat. And I realized that what I really like is pulled pork BBQ so should probably hit NC for that (or Big Jim’s!).

On Sunday I was trying to do a quick trip to DSW and a going out of business Macy’s so headed out early. Too early. They didn’t open until 11 am, so detoured back and went to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential library at the UT-Austin Campus. It was actually quite interesting. I spoke with the docent and we talked about how it’s different preserving things today. There aren’t as many handwritten notes and letters. She said there is usually a long line during the week for people needing access to the documents for research purposes.

 On Sunday evening, A. and I ventured to the San Jose Hotel for a drink. Several people recommended it as a cute little spot for a beverage. The outdoor area is a little bungalow-like and a little cozy. R. described it as a Austin Chateau Marmont in LA.

Alas, I couldn’t escape the snow. This is what I faced my first Wednesday in town. Under the snow was a sheet of ice so even this New Englander was late to work. Maybe I should mention I don’t have a car and didn’t trust the Texans to be able to handle this.

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