Eating My Way Through Austin

Any attempt to keep to my 4HB routine has been thrown by the wayside (that’s the Four Hour Body diet focusing on protein).  Life is too short and there is too much to eat in Austin to be worried about diet.  I don’t let the cold stop me from getting out.  Yes, it’s been like 17 degrees here!  But I have a fleece and scarf and don’t let the cold weather stop me!  So I am here for two weeks and have endless recommendations from friends.  Day 1 was dinner at La Condesa (fabulous!).  Day 2 was dinner at Uchi on South Lamar Boulevard (thank you, Sarah for this one):

Really creative Japanese.  I sat at the sushi bar and had my personal guide through the menu.  I think my exact words were “what is good and what do you recommend, I like everything.”  A smile and friendly face will get you the happy hour appetizers after happy hour, and an extra appetizer for free.  I’ve found that all of my servers feel like it’s their job to make sure I can try as much as possible!
Machi Cure: maple­wood-smoked baby yellow­tail with yucca chips, asian pear, marcona almonds and garlic brittleUchiviche:  salmon, striped bass, vine-ripened toma­toes, yellow bell peppers, garlic and cilantro (below)
The sea scallops (hotate nuta) were divine, I wanted to lick my plate at the end.  There were powdered almonds and a thai chili foam.
And how could I say no to lemon gelato dessert, with special pistachios?  And I am someone who doesn’t like anything fruit like for dessert, but the sushi chef and my waitress both put this as #1 on their list.

And on to Day 3 at Z Tejas on 6th Street.  I know this is a small chain, but the one in Austin is the original.  Again, totally scored at the bar with a free appetizer card and free dessert.  The skillet cornbread was too yummy to pass up.

Left dinner tonight with even more dinner recommendations (Smitty’s and Black’s for BBQ, South Congress Cafe, Vespaio!)  I promise to report out on the sights of Austin. But if you know me, you know I do alot of food eating, picture taking and reporting.

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