Cold. Hot. Chocolate

Seeing that it’s so cold out, I decided to test the Barefoot Contessa Sinful Hot Chocolate Mix this weekend. Being someone who usually opts for the sugar free instant packet at work, adds a Splenda and a dash of milk to make it creamy (all to get some low cal sweetness post lunch), this version seemed….well….so decadent!

But it was Saturday night and I’ve had this since Santa brought it for Christmas.

I made a special trip to the store to get the milk. I was going to do this right: no water! Let’s face it, I tried the mix straight out of the container. Chocolately, a little bit of dark chocolate bitterness, with little pieces of chocolate. It’s like a spoonful of chocolate, it was great. Into the pan it goes to boil…

Oh, it was so good! Like drinking chocolate. I suppose this is how hot chocolate is supposed to taste, after all. Last year I was on a mission to try hot chocolate around the city. I could stay in with this version.

This is my 101st post! It’s almost crazy to think I’ve had this much to say! Thanks for reading!

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