H&H and Zabar’s

It’s a cold weekend here in New York, so nothing is better than yummy food like carbs and more carbs and strudel to satisfy on a cold day.

It’s been months since we’ve ventured up to Zabar’s and H&H on the UWS (too long in fact, our last trip was August when M’s parents were visiting!). It was our destination yesterday. The first stop is Zabar’s for the whitefish salad and cucumber salad (lots of dill), next stop is H&H for two Everything bagels. And if you ask, they’ll through in all the “stuff” that falls to the bottom of the bin. For someone who loves the “everything” of the Everything bagel, it’s a dream.

Chewy on the inside, just the right crunch on the outside. Mmmmmm.

We were there on the early side, but later in the day someone will announce over the loudspeaker the special on homemade strudel in the back of the store. We didn’t need the announcement to persuade us that strudel was a good idea on Saturday. Cherry and cheese. Flakey dough, sweet cherry and cheese to balance it all out. After all this we needed to take a nice long walk! We made a significant dent in the strudel.

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