We Love Desserts, Twice a Day

There was a little bit of birthday celebration going on as well this weekend. Another year older, but I don’t feel it, maybe a little wiser, maybe still excited by what all the years ahead will hold. Maybe it’s being around good friends.

So we couldn’t escape without cake! The big cupcake and wine awaited us at the hotel on Friday night.

And maybe just one wasn’t enough because the 2nd birthday dessert was Saturday night. We supplemented this apple tart with yummy chocolate filled donuts.

But those of you who know me well can probably guess that these weren’t our only desserts. Let’s continue on….

The Ritz offers Smore’s by the outdoor fire. How could we refuse? Outside, by the ocean, warm fire and childhood treats? I wasn’t particularly skilled at melting my marshmallow. E was the most patient and achieved just the right amount of toast on the outside. Again, delicious.

It’s really hard to pass up that fire. On Sunday night, L and I shared “Tic Tac Toe” cupcakes fireside. No one won the game, but we were both winners because we shared the cupcakes. Cupcakes accompanied by a chocolate martini and glass of Malbec.

Oh, and I almost forgot Sprinkles! Triple Chocolate post lunch on Sunday. This makes the cupcakes the second dessert of the day!

These kinds of posts make me laugh. Should I be laughing when I review all these desserts over three days? It was wonderful, plain and simple. Back to the 4HB on Monday.

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