Macaroon: The Light Dessert

Stop number 3 on Saturday. This was the perfect little treat post lunch.

And it was another place I requested a stop in because it looked new. And it is new! Biscous ciao has only been open for a few months now. Loved the white interior (also very sparse and clean). Both this and Lulu reminded me of the inside of Sprinkles in LA. Except instead of cupcakes there were rows and rows of pretty french macaroons.

This is something I won’t be making at home, better to buy it. My mini apartment oven can’t handle the delicate dessert (only more hardy desserts like brownies!). The meringue-like cookie has a crispy outside with a chewy interior. And sandwiched in between the two cookies is a wonderful frosting surprise. One Pecan Caramel and one Gianduja please!

I grew up knowing only coconut macaroons from the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. I’ve added all macaroons to my diet in my older age.

My personal note on this stop. Shortly after, we were walking back west and I heard a very familiar voice. I turn around and it’s S Bazzy, sitting outside her very own little shop, Back! We worked together years ago in Boston, both ending up in New York, and running into each other randomly. It’s a small city in a way.

Biscous, Ciao
101 Stanton St (between Ludlow and Orchard)

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